Saturday, June 19, 2010


So today I have been seriously trying to clean my room  before tomorrow. I have to go back to my parents house for a day for Fathers Day. I still haven't gotten anything yet but I never really know what to get him. All he likes is chocolate, peanuts, and cologne. I gave him cologne for the past few holidays and $100 worth of chocolate from Godiva (my job then) one Christmas. Idk I guess I will figure it out =/.

Anyways I barely ate anything today. I had 3 leftover slices of Digiorno pizza (you know the one with the cheese crust).

For lunch I had a lunch meat sandwitch (salami, turkey, ham, chicken) on wheat bread and some lettuce. 

Then I had a strawberry smoothie with half a scoop of Jillian's protein powder. 

And I just ate a wheat quesadia with real bacon bits ... sooooooosoooo good!

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Everything looks yummy!!!!



Looks so yummy!!!


Great blog!

I'm going to follow you =)



I'm hungry


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