Sunday, August 8, 2010

I'm Moving!!!

Hey Ladies! OMG! I'ts been so long since I did a post on this blog. I haven't done anything worth let you all know about (not healthy) But I am moving today!!! I'm so excited! I've already signed my lease and all I have to do is get my keys! I'm excited because I will be living alone for the first time ever! This means I can do workouts,buy and cook healthy, and record videos without interruption! So excited for this! So over my long break I have stumbled accross a few Youtube Channels that I plan on getting motivation from. None of these channels are related by the way lol. So I guess you can subscribe to who fits your style best. Ok so here they are:

If you  know of anymore channels or blogs let me know! I'll talk you all later! Oh and here's some pics of my empty apartment (not at all like my apartment now but I guess its ok until I move back to FL):

2 barbys talk about this:


Its nice to have some independence... Ur apartment is really nice =)


Cute place, good luck with the move.


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