Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doing Damage

Over the last month or so I have been busier than I've ever been in my life! And adding summer school to that list was mind blowing. Stress and my relationships with others have taken a toll on me. Not to mention I have done major damage to my body what I have been eating and not eating. Countless days have gone by and I've remembered to only eat one meal. I started thinking today: What is my body working from? In 100 degree weather I run  from place to place, sit in a hot car for hours with the music all the way up (yes im one of those! lol), don't sleep until hmmm ... maybe 2 or 3am because im doing homework ... and then I wake up the next morning at 7am to do it all over. My doctor warned me that if I wasn't careful my Sickle Cell Trait would later evolve into a mild case of Anemia. That was over 4 years ago. I'm afraid to see what they will say now. My fridge still has healthy food I just have absolutely no time to make it. And my apartment complex has 2 fitness centers a pool and a basketball court and I own several yoga dvd's but again ... no time. Summer school should be over in about 3 weeks so maybe I can start then. But I hate saying to myself: "Oh I'll eat healthy is 3 weeks"... That sounds absolutely crazy! But idk we will see if things start to slow down before then. As of right this moment ... im devouring this slice of pizza like there's no tomorrow.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


So today I have been seriously trying to clean my room  before tomorrow. I have to go back to my parents house for a day for Fathers Day. I still haven't gotten anything yet but I never really know what to get him. All he likes is chocolate, peanuts, and cologne. I gave him cologne for the past few holidays and $100 worth of chocolate from Godiva (my job then) one Christmas. Idk I guess I will figure it out =/.

Anyways I barely ate anything today. I had 3 leftover slices of Digiorno pizza (you know the one with the cheese crust).

For lunch I had a lunch meat sandwitch (salami, turkey, ham, chicken) on wheat bread and some lettuce. 

Then I had a strawberry smoothie with half a scoop of Jillian's protein powder. 

And I just ate a wheat quesadia with real bacon bits ... sooooooosoooo good!

Oh and checkout these tips for the perfect summer body! Click here.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Unsuccessful ...

I have been slacking ... seriously! My parents are in the process of moving and I had to help them pack and what not. But in the meantime I had to stay at their house for a few days at a time. No gym, no healthy foods, and no vitamins. As a result I gained 1 pound =(. But I am determined to get on track.

My room looks horrible! When it's clean I always feel renewed and calm. Right now my brain  is probably like my room right now. But I do have good news! My roommate found the key so I can go to the gym! YAY! lol  I'm in the process of reinventing myself, so a lot has been going on in my head. 

Oh and a while back I purchased the QuickTrim Extreme Burn. And I tried it only once and felt no bad side effects. But I just want to know if anyone else has tried it and did it work for you?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Oldies ... but Goodies!

So the other day I posted my baby pics on Facebook. I was so afraid of what people would say about my toothless photos and the ones where I'm wearing a hideous hairstyle. But now I have learned to embrace them. I don't look like this now so why be embarrassed. So here's a few for you! =) Enjoy!

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey ladies! So I just made another twitter account. I deleted the one I had before. Maybe this time I will have a better experience with it, now that my life has changed drastically. So if u have a twitter come follow me and I will follow you as well! Oh and I also added twitter to the contest prizes! Goodnight ladies! =)


Sunday, June 13, 2010

DiamondSelina’s Blog Makeover Contest !!! (UPDATED)

This is my first contest yall! So excited! So here’s the deal:
So I am a computer geek and I love to do graphic design. This is why I love to design my blogs and make them better.  I decided that I would do a contest based on my skills. The contest is for a Blogger makeover. There will be 3 winners (2 chosen by me and 1 chosen by random). The contest ends JUNE 21st at 11:59pm! You have exactly 2 weeks to get your entries in!
Grand Prize Winner (1st Place) – Chosen by me
  1. Background w/ CSS Design
  2. Header
  3. Signature
  4. Badge
  5. Blog Titles
  6. Watermark (for images)
  7. [If the winner has a YouTube Channel] YouTube Design (Intro/Outro for Videos with music, header (partners only), background & colors)
  8. [If the winner has a Twitter Account] Twitter Page Design

2nd Place Winner – Chosen by me
  1. Background w/ CSS Design
  2. Header
  3. Signature
  4. Watermark (for images)
  5. [If the winner has a YouTube Channel]  YouTube background
  6. [If the winner has a Twitter Account] Twitter Page Design 

3rd Place Winner – Chosen by Random .org
  1. Background w/ CSS Design
  2. Header
  3. Signature
  4. Watermark (for images) 
  5. [If the winner has a Twitter Account] Twitter Page Design

      1. Open to everyone 18 & older (male & female)
      2. Must have a blog on Blogger.com that is currently in use (I will be checking!)
      3. Must follow me on either of my blogs: http:// ienvybarby.blogspot.com or   http://workoutbarby.blogspot.com
4.   4.    CONTEST ENDS JUNE 21st @ 11:59pm!!!
How to Enter: 
1. Comment the blog entry that is titled “DiamondSelina’s Blog Makeover Contest” (on either blog) OR on the contest video saying “ENTER ME” (for the random drawing)
      2. Must send me an email to diamondselina@gmail.com, SUBJECT: DiamondSelina’s Blog Makeover Contest Entry, stating why you think your blog deserves a makeover & what it’s about. Include your email address and your blog link.
3.   OR if you want you can make a video response to my video and tell me about your blog and why you should win. And place your link in the bottom bar. (If you happen to win I will email you on YouTube) - I know not everyone has a YouTube Channel so this option is not required.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Contest Dillema =(

It's been almost a week since I've opened the Blog Makeover Contest and I haven't had not one entry. Is everyone waiting for the right time or is there any concerns with the contest? Because I've seen people go crazy over a yogurt giveaway but no one seems interested in having their blog re-designed. I honestly would be happy with just 3 entries. Let me know your concerns and why YOU haven't entered yet. Let me know ladies =)

On another note I just purchased Lauren Conrad's Book L.A. Candy.

 I'm a die hard fan of The Hills so I'm hoping I will like this book just as much. This also got me thinking about starting my own book. I thought about it before but had no idea it would be so hard to find an publisher. But i figure I will get to that when the time comes. Can't publish anything you haven't written anyways right?

So I went out and purchased a notebook to write my deepest thoughts in everyday. When I was in Kmart today I checked out some of the magazines (wondered why stores don't sell makeup magazines) and when I looked down I saw the most annoying thing ever ...
... JUSTIN BEIBER. Every magazine in the teen section had his face on it. This obsession has to be worst since The Hansons in 97! Sorry ya'll! He just annoys me!!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

My Virtual Model

When I first found out about My Virtual Model I went to the site and it was down for a while. Then today I ran across this lovely lady's blog where she just made her own model. So finally I made my own! Here they are. I made them look how I want to feel. So I may not actually look this big lol.

160 lbs ................................... 120lbs

Stress ... Stress ... Stress

Ok so I haven't started working out yet. I hadn't been feeling well but I'm ok now. =) I'm thinking of starting off slow just so I don't sike myself out. Like I said before I want to train for a 5K race. Unfortunately I'm a sprinter. I have no idea if I can last that long. But I know I will be so proud of myself if I achieve this goal (I will post my goals in the sidebar) The race in my town will probably start in mid August. Is that too short of a time period for me to get into shape? I've read other blogs where people are training now for races that are in October and November. Anyway I saw this workout plan from runningplanet.com for beginners. Heres what it says:

This is a 6-week program that designed to prepare you for your first race with minimal training. This program will allow you comfortably finish a 5K. It is not intended to run a fast 5K or to improve your speed. You should be able to run comfortably for 2 miles before starting this program.

  Hopefully it works for me! But in the meantime I want to start working out at home (yoga etc.) and at my apartment complex's gym. I mainly need to work out my abs. My eating habits have fluctuated dramatically. Some days I barely eat and others I eat all day. I've been stressed lately about everything. Let's just say one of my problems has to deal with my "only child syndrome" as I call it. I want to be in control of everything and I wish everyone had the same mind set that I do. People constantly take advantage of me, of what I have, and what I can do for them, like they're entitled to these things. Even those who are supposed to be your friends. I feel like my only cure is to move to Florida where my family is. But I'm stuck here for at least another 18 months. Right now I'm getting my stuff ready so I can move to another apartment. I just have to think "happier days are in the future".

Oh and I wanted to show you some photos of me when I was my goal weight. Sure I was a teenager but I still had problems with my body then. Hopefully I don't have those problems WHEN I do loose the weight. And these are in no particular order.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Why Do I Want to Lose Weight?

OK so I saw this on another bloggers page and decided it would be a good idea.
  1. I hate having low self-esteem.
  2. I don’t like it when my friends and family remind me how much weight I’ve gained since high school.
  3. I don’t like it when people ask me “how far along are you?” or when my baby cousin thinks I’m lying about not being pregnant.
  4. I hate it when I wear an outfit that I have to suck my stomach in for but I end up forgetting about it most of the day.
  5. I hate that my face has gotten chubbier over the years and I almost have a mini double chin =(.
  6. I don’t like it when my thighs rub together.
  7. I don’t like getting tired after doing nothing.
  8. I want to model professionally.
  9. I want to train track runners but I don’t want to do it “fat”.
  10. It’s my senior year of college and I don’t want to be known for my “love handles”.
  11. I can’t stand it when my bra cuts off my circulation in the middle of the day because I swell up after lunch.
  12. I can’t stand that I can’t wear the clothes I like. My style has changed because I can’t wear what I would if I were skinny.
      Here's a few pic's from my family reunion last month, these are the best I can do to show you my problem right now until I get my camera. Oh and make sure you check out my progress shots. I have photos only from February  when I weighed 156.
 Me and my cousin
Me, my aunt, and my cousin
Me and my two cousins

Im Back!

Went to Walmart today. I picked up so much stuff i felt like I sold my soul. But I didn't spend as much as I had thought. This is why Walmart is my first choice. But after 2 hours I purchased almost everything on my list.

Here's the fridge compared to what it was ... its full!
I bought a bunch of Lean Pockets and Lean Cuisine meals, oh and some wheat waffles.

Ice Cream! Cherry Garcia! (The only kind I eat!)

And here's my lunch/dinner ... Lean Pockets and a Mike's Wine Cooler

Grocery Shopping ... HELP!!!

So today is Sunday and I've decided to make today my designated grocery day. I have a loooong list of things I could get but I'm scared that most of it will go to waste. Today is also my cleaning day. So I will be cleaning out my refrigerator before I go get groceries. Like I said I have immature taste buds. I cant handle sushi, tofu, curry, beans, peas, or fish. But I'm not sure if I should plan out every single meal for the week and then buy, buy for like 3 days, or just buy everything and don't go back to the store for a while. I'm so confused! If you have any idea what I should do just let me know. I probably wont go to the store for a few hours anyways.

A Start to the New Me!

Ok so for years I have tried to motivate myself to loose weight but I have a weak will to do anything by myself. (You would think it were the opposite because I'm an only child). But today marks the day that I will try this with your help. This is a new thing for me to share my problems with the world but I trust that I will be ok LOL.

So I'm going to start off small by doing only a few things (so i won't sike myself out):

♥ Drink only water, milk, orange juice and Master Cleanse Lemonade

♥ Do not eat after 9pm

♥ Eat smaller portions & slower

♥ Eat more fruits and vegetables

♥ Eat at least 3 meals a day

♥ Only eat whole grains

♥ Do not consume more than 1500 calories per day

♥ Take all my daily vitamins

Ok so hopefully I can finish the first week. I don't have my camera right now I accidentally left it at my mothers house but they promised to ship it to me. but until then I will try to use my cell phone.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Award System

150lbs - American Apparel Body Suit

145lbs - Sephora Shopping spree $50

135lbs - Coco & Breezy sunglasses $65

130lbs - Pauls Boutique Handbag $110
125lbs - Online shopping spree $200 limit & Belly Button Piercing $25

120lbs - Trip to New York for photo shoot with top photographer $Priceless =)


I'm not a Registered Dietitian (RD). For specific medical counseling, please contact a Registered Dietitian or your doctor. My blog posts are based on my own personal knowledge, experience, and opinions.

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