Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Start to the New Me!

Ok so for years I have tried to motivate myself to loose weight but I have a weak will to do anything by myself. (You would think it were the opposite because I'm an only child). But today marks the day that I will try this with your help. This is a new thing for me to share my problems with the world but I trust that I will be ok LOL.

So I'm going to start off small by doing only a few things (so i won't sike myself out):

♥ Drink only water, milk, orange juice and Master Cleanse Lemonade

♥ Do not eat after 9pm

♥ Eat smaller portions & slower

♥ Eat more fruits and vegetables

♥ Eat at least 3 meals a day

♥ Only eat whole grains

♥ Do not consume more than 1500 calories per day

♥ Take all my daily vitamins

Ok so hopefully I can finish the first week. I don't have my camera right now I accidentally left it at my mothers house but they promised to ship it to me. but until then I will try to use my cell phone.


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