Saturday, June 12, 2010

Contest Dillema =(

It's been almost a week since I've opened the Blog Makeover Contest and I haven't had not one entry. Is everyone waiting for the right time or is there any concerns with the contest? Because I've seen people go crazy over a yogurt giveaway but no one seems interested in having their blog re-designed. I honestly would be happy with just 3 entries. Let me know your concerns and why YOU haven't entered yet. Let me know ladies =)

On another note I just purchased Lauren Conrad's Book L.A. Candy.

 I'm a die hard fan of The Hills so I'm hoping I will like this book just as much. This also got me thinking about starting my own book. I thought about it before but had no idea it would be so hard to find an publisher. But i figure I will get to that when the time comes. Can't publish anything you haven't written anyways right?

So I went out and purchased a notebook to write my deepest thoughts in everyday. When I was in Kmart today I checked out some of the magazines (wondered why stores don't sell makeup magazines) and when I looked down I saw the most annoying thing ever ...
... JUSTIN BEIBER. Every magazine in the teen section had his face on it. This obsession has to be worst since The Hansons in 97! Sorry ya'll! He just annoys me!!!

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I'll be honest I would love to have my blog made over but I am not into the whole "sign on to YouTube" thing. Also I am not on Facebook, so I feel like I can't enter in those ways.....


Oh that's not a requirement. It's an either or type of thing just so everyone can participate. If someone wanted to enter the contest by random they would just comment the post saying "ENTER ME". And you would just message me through my email. I keep my Facebook private. Maybe I will write a revised post. But yea go ahead and enter =)


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